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8 May 16:50
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Rapid growing of new era and fast changing society
and market urge education is the only way to
foster thinking and cultural foundation.There is a
phase in Chinese" Education should not be
sacrificed for poverty ," education nurture
children - it is the source of wisdom for the
future masters of society.

Economy booming cause many parents have to work to
support their families. As such, how to arrange
children's after school care? Select a well-known
and excellent education center became parents'
critical choices. Tuition and day care demand
provide those dedicated of education a big
business opportunities.

CLEVER promote " conscience education "
philosophy of education by using the appreciate
education and creative teaching as a teaching
approach. Actively cultivate children 's interest
in learning by arranging a comprehensive
multimedia activities, allow children go through
creative thinking, reached enlightenment learning.

CLEVER Education Group are currently expanding,
looking for franchisee in Penang , Johor , Malacca
, Klang and other regions . WE welcome those
dedicated educators or education professionals to
join us, together contribute for the Chinese
primary education, provide better education for


Famous brand
- More than 10 years of well-known brands
- Excellent and child -centered teaching
- Preparation of trilingual educational television
- Preparation of the well-known TV website
parental column
- Being interviewed by media and newspaper

Teaching material
- Exclusive textbooks written (SJKC)
- Grammar and writting materials
- Features interactive teaching methods
- Rewards education system
- Exclusive holiday camp

- Learning Centre Management Cloud System
- Students digital electronic systems
- Etiquette Cultural Center
- Self-management homework class system
- Teacher training mechanism

If you are passion and keen in education,
do not miss this business opportunity !

If you are interested please pm to 0122042138.
Or Click the link below to know more details.

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