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21 Apr 08:35
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Monster hunter X - rm70 (with box)
Monster Hunter ultimate 4- rm50 (cartridge only)
Naruto - rm70 (with box)

COD in puchong, PJ, Bangi, Putrajaya or Kajang.

Monster hunter X:
Release Date: July 15, 2016
(Review from the guardian: full mark!!!) a must have game for 3ds player!)
The sheer volume of quests and weapons and monsters also means that, quite apart from being a brilliant game, this has incalculable longevity. The life of a hunter isn’t for everyone. But if killing something massive, carving it up, and making a snazzy hat seems in any way appealing, then Monster Hunter Generations might be your game of the year. ... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jul/15/monster-hunter-generations-review-nintendo-capcom

Monster Hunter ultimate 4:
Review: 9/10 from IGN!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's intense boss battles, deep combat, and awesome loot will keep you busy for hours!

Game spot 9/10

⭐️Tight, idiosyncratic combat remains beyond comparison
⭐️Hundreds of hours of worthwhile content
⭐️Riddled with deep systems to wrap your head around
⭐️14 different weapon types each represent remarkably different ways to play
⭐️Expedition mode is great way of testing your skills without the preparation of a hunt
⭐️Streamlined multiplayer

Naruto powerful shippuden:

Who says being a ninja has to be so serious?

BY LUCAS M. THOMAS (8.0 score from IGN!)
Nearly a decade after the release of his first video game, Naruto's covered a wide range of genre – fighters, action/adventures, and even turn-based RPGs have worn his name. But "The No. 1 knucklehead ninja" is often at his best with simple brawling action, and that's what Naruto: Powerful Shippuden brings to the 3DS. The brawling is so focused and engaging, in fact, that it's the kind of design that could have worked even without Naruto's well-known cartoon license in place to sell its appeal... https://m.ign.com/articles/2013/03/08/naruto-powerful-shippuden-review

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