Chicken BB/ Ayam BB

22 Jul 15:55
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PasaGo Sdn Bhd is the strategic partner with Department of Agriculture and MyGAP.

Why waste your time with broker and unreliable and untrustable sourcing for your chicken needs? Let us be your reliable supply chain supplier of chicken.


Transparency is the key.

Process flows

1. Buyer issues ICPo
2. Sign SPA with stamping
2.1Attach ssm, ic/passport dan license (lesen slaughter & lesen gudang)
3.Proforma invoice issued by PasaGo
4.Buyer bank in deposit to lawyer's account
4.1 Payment 50% deposit
5. Acceptance of deposit letter- proof of payment made to supplier
6. Factory will process order
7. Delivery
7.1 Bill of Loading and other shipment document issued
8. Buyer paid balance 50% to lawyer's account.
9. Order reach warehouse
9.1 Received good.
9.2 Any problem, money back guaranteed. Put in SnP.
9.3 Insurance covered 110% of invoice sum.

Timeline between ordering and delivery shortest is 3 days, average 4-5 days after 50% deposit made.

Our Price is right and lower than RM8 per kg delivered and most reasonable. Do contact us 03-8912 1023 or whatsapp 6019-6661816.

Thank you.

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