1kg Ceramic Bio Ring with FILTER BAG Aquarium Fish

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28 Jul 19:05
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Ceramic Bio Rings consists of permeable surfaces that foster plenty of valuable microbes in the CANISTER FILTERS of fish tanks. This surplus of benovalent bacteria in these rings support and help maintain a healthy and balanced makeshift ecosystem by keeping toxic fish by-products such as ammonia and nitrite to a minimum within the tank.

When using this bio rings, place it after the sponge in your filter where the solids are first filtered out, and so it do not clumps and stick in these bio rings and forming anaerobic zones. Bio rings do not require washing unless it is found clogged with solids, in which case you have to ensure your mechanical filter/sponge does the job of preventing solids going into the bio rings compartment of your filter.

Filter bag is provided to ease your handling of bio ring media in and out of your filtration system.

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