Olympus and 2 antique camera more than 30 years

1 Sep 20:25
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RM 800
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1)The Olympus camera is still in good condition just that some issue with the mother board which sometimes made the pictures taken have some lines .The Olympus model OMDEM5-MARK1 bought around 5 years ago..If anyone interested may call for further enquery.It may need a repair or for those that interested in camera collection.MYR 800 (still negotiable)

2)The VIVITAR camera was a very old camera aged 30 to 40 years.I dont think this camera is still available in market.This is meant for those loves to keep as a collection.This goes to same with the other camera WHAYCTAP (not really sure the brand)This camera aged around 60 years old.(You may call with your price for me to consider)

Anyone interested may call me for further enquerie on the pricing,I am not sure what are the price or the value of the other 2 cameras.But for the Olympus we may start with MYR 800

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