KorTec Alkaline Water Filter Penapis Air Sbh2

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RM 328
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Harga Kilang....Korea Casing + Malaysia Made Quality Filter

Product Name : KorTec K-4000 (Green) Alkaline Water
System (4 Filters) Buatan Malaysia
Price : RM 328.00

Shipping Fee (Kos Penghantaran)
West Malaysia (Semenanjung) : Free Of Charge
East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) : RM 130.00

Service Life

Filter 1 = 8~12 Months
8 Inch KorTec In-Line Sediment Filter (U Type)
This Sediment Filter removes dust and rust, undissolved particles from feed water. And protects clogging Pre filter and Post filter

Filter 2 = 8~12 Months
8 Inch KorTec In-Line Pre-Carbon Filter (U Type)
The Pre Carbon Filter gets rid of chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMS),
herbicides, colours, odours, bleaching agents and other organic chemicals from feed water.

Filter 3 = 8~12 Months
8 Inch KorTec In-Line Nano Silver Carbon Filter (U Type)
Nano Silver Carbon is 100% pure coconut base carbon coated with SilverSol – 100 for better antibacterial function and high absorption function. This filter absorb ethylene dichloride, bleach, pesticide, chlorine, odor, color and harmful chemical materials and chloroform.

Filter 4 = 8~12 Months
8 Inch KorTec In-Line Post Carbon Filter (U Type)
The Post Carbon Filter remove many volatile organic chemicals, including bad tastes, and odours, residual chlorine, harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other organic chemicals from feed water.


KorTec K-4000 Alkaline Water has no noise without any power supply and it is very safe. After upgrade from the existing water purifier. MagicPure Korea K-1500 Alkaline Water is minimized to the most compact size in the world as maximizing the performance. The new filter system is proud of the best stability.

Warranty : 3 Months

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